Committed Counseling helps to reach your goals faster.


This Package is a structured transformational

journey giving you the most efficient and goal-oriented counseling possible.

Commitment is an important ingredient for experiencing a full circle of change.

My work feels most fulfilling when my clients reach a state they are very happy with. 

Sometimes people stop coming in when they are out of the worst. It's understandable! Why would you invest in more sessions if your life seems so much better? However, some months later many come back, starting from scratch.

There is nothing wrong with that, and yet, my aim is that my clients don't revisit painful places again and again. My goal is to see them succeed.


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Why a client recommends you Premium Counseling:

„Martina holds a great balance between listening, supporting me to come up with difficult answers (describing my feelings in certain situations for example) and analyzing. I like her structured approach, every session has a focus but is flexible enough too. I love the different exercises between the sessions, it‘s literally like a journey to yourself. She asks you early on to commit and sharpen your goals. You travel, reflect and learn.

The first 5 sessions are where I focused on understanding the problem and the next 5 sessions were about the solution. I started to become good at recognizing certain kinds of inner monologues and following behaviors and therefore change it in a positive way only after a few sessions. Learning about my own weaknesses and accepting them, but more important was to learn about my own strengths and put them in good service to myself and others.

After each of the 10 sessions, I had at least 1-3 key learning that would really shift my thinking.

So to summarize:
I experience life in a fuller, more intense way today. My friends and family feel good about my changes. My partner goes as far that he says I developed a lot in how I deal with myself and others.
Martina is an excellent guide on the journey to myself. She is helpful, experienced and shares your joy when you learn and help you laugh and not take yourself too seriously when needed."

   The Premium Counseling Package:

  • 10 pre-booked sessions of 60 minutes each.

  • 7 learnings in MP3 format. They help you understand the principles of psychology that bring happiness and confidence.

  • Several Readings for your general understanding of what life is about to keep the focus on what truly matters, and be clear about your choices in life.

  • 10 exercises in documents, questionnaires, and video format. As a result, they help you understand yourself tremendously, and will always be an invaluable resource for your self-awareness and ongoing self-growth.


  • 10 private sessions of 60 minutes each for discussing your individual case and finding solutions that work for your particular goals.

  • 600 minutes of private sessions to listen to. We will discuss a lot during those 10 sessions we spend 1:1, therefore the meetings can be recorded, and much of what we speak will help you again in the future.

  • Unlimited emails and 3 phone calls for urgent matters.

  • The appointments are reserved in advance. No loss of valuable counseling time for finding free slots.

The investment for this intense counseling package is 1'980 CHF.

Read what others have experienced through their journey with me.