Counseling in English Zurich, St. Gallen, Zug, Luzern

There is no better circumstance for succesful counseling than being relaxed and in a peaceful surrounding.

Rushing into counseling and back to the office or home to the daily duties, without having the time to reflect on the session and letting the understanding sink in, is

We spend so much time, money and resources in pursuing careers,

but very little of the same to understanding ourselves.

Of course we know much, but there is a misconception between knowing and understanding.

Knowing means having noticed patterns and potentials.

Understanding though, is being aware of the subconscious that is driving us on auto-pilot.

In this area you can find what you need for change, growth, transformation and the discovery of hidden potential. When you understand yourself, you become confident and in control of your wellbeing.


You are given the option to book session by session for CHF 130.-, or to invest into a full transformational journey.

Find out how you can commit to a better life by the Active Rational Transformation Premium Program:

Individual counseling is learning about something very interesting: Yourself!