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Is it worth taking counseling for myself if my partner is not coming along?

A pattern between couples is like a mobile toy for over the baby bed. Removing an element of the mobile toy will change the whole dynamics. By changing the way you interact with your partner can influence the dynamics between you.
Instead of waiting for your partner to join, I encourage you to come on your own if you are unhappy in your relationship. On the website menu, you will find the offers for individuals.

Do you have a payment plan?

Yes, please let us know if you want a payment plan.

What if we have to cancel the retreat?

If you need to cancel our sessions, we will reschedule them so you don't lose your pre-payed fee that is non-refundable.
In regards to the hotel, it is important that you book the accommodation with them directly and not through a booking agency. It is easier to receive flexibility from the hotels than from booking agencies.

Why do you walk & talk with clients?

Walking while talking is a very enjoyable form of counseling.

Physical well-being and the surroundings have a strong impact on the mental condition of the client and a strong impact on the success of the counseling results.
Nature has a powerful effect on the healing process. Recovery clinics, for example, are usually located close to nature for a very good reason. The quietness, the colors, the fresh air and the comfort that nature radiates lift the mood and sharpen the mental capacity.


- Walking together with visual distractions eases the atmosphere.

- Moving activates the brain and conditions a sharper thinking process.

- The physical well-being intensifies the after-effects of the sessions.

- Physical movement can help you to move through difficult issues or get "unstuck".

- A walk in the woods or looking at mountains can awaken innermost feelings of happiness and peace.

- Nature is the most healing "counseling office".

- Walking side by side feels natural.

I'm not a sporty person and I fear the walking will be too much for me.

The walks are easy, sometimes we stop to talk, sometimes we sit on a bench. You will set the pace for the walks. We can stay in my practice as an alternative, although I'm pretty sure you will enjoy being out in beautiful nature. When the weather is too bad, we will stay indoors.

Do your Retreats include food and lodging?

Lodging and food are not included. I want you to choose where you will spend the nights and eat your meals.

What will a day of counseling look like?

I encourage you to travel the day or evening before our first session day to have the time to "arrive" and to be relaxed for the first session day, where we will meet in the afternoon. Each day we meet for 3 hours. In-between the sessions you will have 1 or 2 hours of "homework" to do.

We don't know you and what if the chemisty with you doesn't work?

You can have a free call with me before making a decision. It is also important for me that we are a good match. I love and accept all clients the way they are. I don't judge and my aim is that you return home feeling happy and hopeful. Should you not feel good with me, I'm sure we will sort that out and find a solution.

What are your counseling methods?

I am a certified Adlerian Counselor, working with the theory of Alfred Adler also known as the Individual Psychology, and referred to as Positive Psychology. The Adlerian Psychology includes both encouragement as well as a solution- and resource-oriented approach. The methods are very adaptive and can be used with almost anyone at any time. It teaches people that they control their own fate.

What are the next steps after signing up?

Once you have chosen the dates, you will book the hotel of your choice independently. In the meantime, you will receive an agreement and an invoice for the Intensive Counseling. With making the pre-payment you secure your sessions and you accept the terms of the agreement. I will then send you the assessments that are to be returned to me before we meet. A week to the retreat you will need to pay the balance.
I highly encourage you to arrive in Scuol the day or evening before the first session day for which I will pick you up at the hotel.
When the retreat is over, we will fix the dates for our online sessions.

Is confidentiality secured?

Yes, all clients’ information is strictly confidential. All information and documents provided by the counselor are equally confidential. They can’t be forwarded or shared with anybody unless I agree to that.
I am not in contact with the hotel you are staying therefore also anonymity is given for you as a hotel guest.

What is your success rate?

The Marriage Counseling Retreat has a very high success rate because it removes the factors that challenge a couple to stay committed to therapy.
Although this format makes it easier for couples to work through their issues, the success still depends on how open the couple is for new ways and how willing they are to accept change.
After seeing couples for many years in my practice in Zurich I have experienced that these four factors keep people from committing when marriage counseling is on a weekly or by weekly bases:

1. The majority are unsure if the invested time, money, and effort will pay off. Not knowing how long the process will take makes them feel unsure.

2. Sitting in a room talking with a counselor about private problems feels for many, especially men, uncomfortable and too formal.
Women appreciate eye to eye contact when they talk, where men prefer visual distractions.

3. People with busy careers are restricted in committing to appointments for many months.

4. And the main reason people quit consultations is when progress is too slow. That is unfortunate as invested time and money is lost.
And it is especially fatal for couples because very often counseling is the last chance to save their relationship.

Will health insurance cover the retreat?

Insurance companies don't pay for retreats, and they also don't pay for couples counseling in general.

We can not retreat for 4 days, could we come twice for 2 days instead?

Yes, that is a great solution if the two times you retreat are within a month.

Do you provide after-care?

Yes! After the retreat, we will meet via phone or Skype. You are also offered to stay in touch via email in between the sessions.

English is not my first language, will I benefit enough from the retreat?

The assessments and reading material are in English, but you can answer the questions in German, French, Spanish or Italian. Our sessions can be in one of these 5 languages.

Where is your location?

Scuol is the main town of the Lower Engadine located near the border triangle of Switzerland, Austria and Italy. Being too far for day-tripping tourism has helped to preserve nature and the area is attractive to visitors who are looking for peacefulness and an authentic living style of the local community. The Engadin villages have managed to retain their traditional identity and are proud of their rich Romansh culture. Scuol is located 2 1/2 hours from Zurich by train or by car. The closest airports are in Samaden, Zurich, Innsbruck. Visit the official website to learn more:

Do you provide childcare?

Yes, we can find someone to take care of your kids during the sessions. Nevertheless, I encourage you to find a different solution to have full attention to each other.

Do you also offer retreats for groups?

Once or twice a year I organize a retreat for groups, but not group retreats for couples. If you want to stay informed, you can sign up to my newsletter.

Do you offer Separation Counseling?

Sometimes, when there’s nothing else for it, marriages and relationships end in divorce or separation and couples have to go their separate ways. To have a break-up that goes as smoothly as possible you will need to choose the 6-day retreat when you have children and the 4-day retreat as a couple without kids. If you want to heal from a separation by yourself, consider coming for the 5-day retreat that is explained in the drop-down menu called "Individuals".

Marriage Counseling Martina Famos
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